We are an exporter of commodities and quality products .

We transform the experience of commodity buyers by integrating qualified personnel, state-of-the-art technology, premium quality products and professional operators.



LatinExport Wine division, is our outstanding product unit, since we work with the best products in Argentina. At the same time, we own vinyeards and have our own production and a specialized team that has the ability to advise our clients when choosing the right wine for each market.


The key to a high-quality product is in genetics and processing. Through state-of-the-art techniques and the latest technology, at LatinExport we ensure that our producers carry out the most demanding selection processes. The treatment in the processing plants, the packaging and storage processes are carried out according to the requirements of our clients.


At LatinExport we work with high-quality pig breeders, the boning and processing of pork is guaranteed by a rigorous control in all processes, from genetics to packaging.


We specialize in supplying beef from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil worldwide. These countries with fine breeding production, such as the Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn breeds. We work with processing plants that constantly invest to achieve the highest quality in their processes. By incorporating systems and certifications, our industry continues to gain markets in the global meat trade.


Natural and renewable food that are present in all meals and important moments of life. Working together with the mills of Argentina and Brazil, we offer packaging options and specifications, according to the needs of each market.


Quality control

Label check / Product inspection / Inspection coordination according to country of origin an destination e.g. SGS, & BUREAU VERITAS / Container control status / Packaging control Goods temperature control during shipment.


Preparation of documents according to clients needs and requirements / Draft check prior issuance of the original documents. / Issuance of mandatory certificates according to country of destination e.g. ECTN, BSC, BESC, FERI, CNCA and CCVO among others. /Original documents sent by Courier. Daily cargo tracking.

Customs Brokerage

We work with a theam of specialized brokers at origin and destination, which allow us to provide an export and import service worldwide. Providing the client with the possibility of delegating the entire process of operation to our team.


Door to Door Service / Ocean & Air Shipments / Dry & Reefer cargo.


We are focused on providing high quality products, excellent service and trust in every transaction. We operate in numerous markets internationally and we have the ability to produce and supply products in line with excellent standards and plant accreditations.

The products offered by Latin Export are delivered according to customer expectations, requests and specifications; guaranteeing its traceability.

+ 20 years

in the commercialization of Latin American commodities world wide.

With offices in the United States and Argentina and a commercial presence on the five continents.



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